Fri Nov 20: Playboy Fragrance Launch

by Kong Eu on December 1, 2009

A client of Jojo’s saw us perform at Stand Up! and liked it so much that we were asked to do a set at the launch of Playboy fragrance at Heritage!

This time around we worked with Justin, who served up mega doses of slappin’ rhythm! I’d not tapped with Justin before (though he had a couple of times prior with Jojo) and it was ultra cool….everyone of us brings such a different feel to the table (or in our case floor and drums!); so it was great and inspiring to tap with him.

Man & Woman in Black!

Man & Woman in Black!

Despite some initial hiccups with the event organiser, at the end it all pretty much worked out. We managed to get pretty good logistics for our performance. They built nice platforms which had great sound (though the surface was a bit slippery..and too small for me) . The miking and levels were pretty good. I’d had a looooooong day that day (a full day doing “office time”, then my corporate class in Sri Kembangan in the early night) and was late and had to rush to the event. Had to maneuvre through a jam, change my shirt at a petrol station and arrived late at 10+pm (guests had arrived since 8am).

The energy of the crowd (mind you, it’s a invited crowd for a launch so while sizable it wasn’t that many people) was really good and supportive. Felt good. Due to the slippery-ness of the platform, I missed some taps BUT the overall dynamics and energy with Jojo and Justin were really awesome!

J & KE

J & KE

After that it was party time! It was great talking to the guests, VIPs and who-nots (and ahem, of course, the Bunnies were present!). Besides meeting new people, it was nice to *party* (which sadly i don’t do much these days) with those who I know and some I’d met but not chatted to for a long time…Once again, its uncanny that some groups of people are just  simply interlinked and connected. It’s an affinity thing :)

One of the America’s Next Top Model winners dropped by for a short while - Jaslene – I guess she was in town for some show or something la…

Towards the end of the night a friend invited us to a friend’s  restaurant off Jln Tun Razak (can’t recall the name but it served Thai cuisine) for some snacks and drinks. Had great conversation with people that I’d just met. By that time I was so hungry!

With 2 gorgeous babes: pretty lass Vanessa Chong and fit and sweet Lina Teoh

With 2 gorgeous babes: pretty lass Vanessa Chong and fit and sweet Lina Teoh

All in all Nov has been a pretty tappy month for me (a nice change from the quiet previous many months – in terms of tap performance) esp. when you add up rehearsals and prep. Most of this year I’d been focussing on student training and also developing my other skills.

Oh yeah, if you read this in time, do check out Hari Jadi presented by Rhythm in Bronze which runs at PJ Live Arts, Jaya 1 from Dec 3-6. An awesome production of gamelan, chinese drums, guitar, vocals, percussion and….tap!

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