A Reflective Beginning to 2013

by Kong Eu on January 20, 2013


At the tail-end of the current part of my life cycle, I reflect on the almost 10,000 things I’ve been blessed to find, be a part of & pour my soul and passion into….from my rhythmic feet, to teaching, speaking, voicing, acting, conversing, playing music; to my metaphysical & spiritual studies – much has revealed itself.

Professionally and “career development-wise”, frustration has admittedly visited me many times…One may not see the depth nor praise or applaud especially since we prefer it linear (yes, even myself; I tried at a few junctures to focus and not explore so much -it just couldn’t happen that way!). We like things all boxed-up and presented with a pretty (but simple) ribbon.

Looking closely however (when I’m clear in mind), all the experiences have been such priceless JEWELS and lessons – professionally and really… in many many other ways.

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